Survival Or Living


Life 2

"Which Is It?“

The headline in the Daily News Blast offered a self-test to people who feel their life is just withering away.
Or maybe to everyone.

There Are Only Two Ways To Live Your Life. One Is As Though Nothing Is A Miracle. The Other Is As Though Everything Is A Miracle.

Albert Einstein

They asked their readers to answer a few questions which might reveal something about their life. Something they didn't notice before like if they are having problems with their job or relationship to others or themselves. Basically if they felt happy and fulfilled in their life.

Changing a habit in a sustainable way is a complex enterprise.

They didn't offer anything on how to change it in case your answers didn't please you. Changing, of course, is the hard part. If you ever tried to change a habit you know it is not done with those generalizing ' Change your habits in four simple steps' methods. Habits are personal and touch on all kinds of areas in one's life. Changing a habit in a sustainable way is a complex enterprise.

Still, acknowledging the situation is a first step!
Anyway, here are those questions:

" Which Is It? What is your current mode of being?

  • surviving or fulfilling ?
  • managing or creating ?
  • routine or inspiration ?
  • calculating or intuition ?
  • control or surrender ?
  • prejudice or openness ?
  • clique or diversity ?
  • consuming or growing ?
  • repetition or play ?
  • hiding or expressing ?"

Did you find something out? Which is it?


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