There is no escape: advertising boards remind us all the time of mostly useless stuff. Our online world has become a battleground of pop ups or 'free stuff' only accessible by providing private information just for one reason: to send us more (unwanted) offers.

We want to believe that if we don't pay attention we are not being manipulated. Yet our periphery vision takes in more than we are able to consciously control. No wonder that people fall for the strangest offers. There is a recognition factor which makes us comply and this is why billions of dollars are spent on ads every day.

It Is No Measure Of Health To Be Well Adjusted To A Profoundly Sick Society.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

How could we turn this to our advantage? Could we use this way of perception also to strenghten our deepest inherent talents, desires, skills? Could we re-enforce our immunesystem as well as our emotional resilience and integrity?  

Imagine a gentle net of self-created and consciously accepted messages and pics reminding us of our own gifts and intentions. Like a stream of inspiring and reinvigorating messages directly connecting with our inert life purpose?

There are many different ways to do this:

  • via email (subcribe to inspiring newsletters etc)
  • using apps (with functions that support, not control)
  • using your calendar (pops up main personal intentions, principles)
  • using free reminder programs (like )

The trick is not to use the suggested functional options (to do lists etc.) but to create a moderate stream of customized inspiring reminders that pop up the first thing you open your pc/tablet/smartphone and continue to do so throughout the day (usually you determine the time/dates). We want to be touched by them. And yes, we have to click them away, but they have the content that empowers us. So its not about to do lists! And not about selfies. Let's call them growth enablers.  

If we do this on an everyday basis this contributes to a successful life without addiction. Because that is what we are up against: a massive effort of luring us into addiction to all kinds of life-defeating thoughts, feelings and acts.

Let's not have it happen.


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