No Time For Practice?



Is This Resembling Everyday You:

  • have your morning toilet
  • say goodbye to your partner, maybe give her a kiss
  • go to work
  • have some small talk with your colleagues
  • do the work
  • eat
  • come home
  • do family
  • go sleep
  • etc.

In other words you go about your daily routines. All these are practices. Like it or not, the way you walk is a practice. And if you breath in a shallow way its a practice, too. You may not be aware of it yet but all your daily customs are practices. Your are deepening whatever you are doing on a daily basis (and your sleeping habits belong there, too).

Its not a luxury but life's purpose.

This is maybe a good time to review those habits and become aware of them. Do they still serve you? Usually people hide behind the need to function, especially when they think about taking time for their health and personal growth, which should never have stopped in the first place. Its not a luxury but life's purpose.

Whatever you do is what you are communicating outwards. If you live blind routines 'because this is what life requires' that is what you send out. Maybe you never questioned the apparent ease of belonging to the 'crowd' versus risking to stand up for your personal way of approaching life. Like it or not as an adult you have choices and are responsible for them.

Until You Value Yourself, You Will Not Value Your Time. Until You Value Your Time, You Will Not Do Anything With It.

M. Scott Peck

So, next time your consciousness is triggered to challenge the status quo and to get into regular meditation, exercise, painting, or whatever it is you would love to do, think! And if you find it a healthy and inspiring practice but you deny it to yourself by qualifying this as a luxury, think what you are doing and why:

  1. are you hiding?
  2. is your mental, emotional and physical health worth developing?
  3. could you make different, healthier, more integrated choices?
  4. what do you really want to give to yourself and your immediate social environment?
  5. could you make some different choices easily and immediately?
  6. what practice could you do at any time?

Life is practice, practicing is life. Choose what you cultivate.


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