Common Robbery



Is there an ongoing robbery happening right in front of us?

A scandal that is none because we've gotten used to it?

The object of desire is human imagination. Our imagination. Everyone's imagination.

Apparently somebody stole it. A challenge for getting it back?

Remember those days when people actually read books?  And when we were lazy we said: oh look, it has also some pictures in it! Pictures in a text always seemed to be such a welcomed intermission from just reading text, paragraph after paragraph. How boring. Or is it?

Can you remember when you really enjoyed withdrawing for a time, eagerly anticipating to read a book? You may not have paid attention to the stream of pictures that began to occupy your mind no later than you started reading. It happened naturally. You couldn't keep it from happening.  If your mind was occupied with other things it was hard to read anything, wasn't it? Because your imagination was busy with other things you read a piece of text but didn't get it. Unless you were paying attention to the actual movie going on in your head your reading went on without grasping anything. You had to interrupt.

Ideally A Book Would Have No Order To It, And The Reader Would Have To Discover His Own.

Mark Twain

So which movie is in our head? That is what imagination describes: a string of images in our brain deeply affecting our emotional life. Though sometimes triggered by circumstances a very personal movie is happening inside us.

Imagination is part of creativty although it is not synonymous with it: our creativity may just engage sounds or stimulate other senses. Sometimes several at once. But more often than not it is pictures which flood our brain.

It feels as if our own picturesque ideas lose out to images idolizing actors. Are we just imitators today?

What happens to our imagination when we go to the movies? Does the flow of images on the screen leave any room for our own associations? Or do they replace them, maybe even intend to do so? Do we lose our own imagination?

Movies definitely want to stir our internal picture flow into a certain direction. Most movies carry a story with emotionally engaging content. Do we switch off our own fantasy in order to be able to follow the story? It feels as if our own picturesque ideas lose out to images idolizing actors. Are we just imitators today? And what about advertisement that doesn't even hide its intention to lure us into their sales proposals?

What happens to insights if the wonderful human trait of imagination is permanently blocked by external sources which are mostly 'inspired' by the theme of ' follow the money'?

In order to preserve natural human characteristics like imagination, creativity and awareness we may have to interrupt the picturesque flood and retreat into a default state of silence and see what comes up. There already is a big challenge.


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